Audio Story – The Skunk Sitter

Listen and read-along to this fun story by, Sonia Snyder.

“Midnight! Look what I’ve got for you,” Emma called, shaking a bright yellow box.

“Meow,” came the happy sound from under the kitchen table.

Emma pulled two mouse-shaped cookies out of the box, and plopped down on the floor.

“You’re gonna just love these,” she said, holding out the cookies. But suddenly, she froze.

Standing right next to her beautiful black kitty was a very small skunk.

“E-ooo!” Emma gasped. “How did you get in here?” Her hands began shaking as she watched Midnight and the skunk dart out the cat door into the yard.

If that skunk sprays, my beautiful kitty will be stinky forever. She may even run away.

Tears filled Emma’s eyes as she scrambled to the open window and shouted, “MIDNIGHT, COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!”

But Midnight had her eyes on a bird. And when the bird flew into a tree, Midnight climbed up the tree after it. The playful bird circled the high branches.

Then suddenly, it swooped down toward the skunk’s head.

“Oh no!” Emma cried, pinching her nose. “Please, don’t spray.”

The little skunk lifted its tail, but just waited. And when Midnight finally crept down the tree, Midnight and the skunk scampered under a bush.

Emma had to get Midnight away from that stinky skunk, FAST! She grabbed the yellow box, and poured some of the treats into a bowl. Then she set the bowl outside on the grass and whispered, “C’mon, Midnight, these are so yummy.”

Emma wanted to catch Midnight and take her indoors. But when Emma stepped back to wait, she tripped, and fell over a big rock.


Emma’s scream startled Midnight and the kitty bolted from under the bush and jumped over a fence. The skunk sprang up and lifted its tail again.

Oh no, this time it’s going to spray for sure. Emma closed her eyes, slapped her hands over her face and waited. Her heart was pounding, but nothing happened. So finally, Emma peeked through her fingers. The skunk was gobbling down Midnight’s food.

“Phew!” Emma sighed as she tiptoed back into her house. At least my kitty got away!

The next morning, as usual, Midnight was curled up asleep on Emma’s bed. But when Emma saw the skunk cuddled up next to her kitty, she could hardly breathe. They look really cute together, but… if that skunk sprays? Emma pictured all her toys in a trash can.

Trying not to make a sound, Emma slid off the bed, and crawled into the hallway. When the doorbell rang, she jumped. Teddy, from next door was crying.

“Have you seen my pet skunk? His name is Stripes, and he’s missing.”

“Ooooh! You have a skunk for a pet?” Emma asked, wrinkling up her nose.

“Yeah! I’ve only had him for two days. He’s just a baby.”

Emma looked at Teddy’s tear-stained cheeks. That little skunk must be Teddy’s. I’ve gotta show it to him, but what if it?… Emma took a deep breath.

“Teddy, can you be really, really quiet?”

“Sure,” he nodded.

Emma led Teddy to her room, pointed at her bed and whispered. “Is that Stripes? He’s been following Midnight everywhere. I think Midnight kinda likes taking care of him, but that’s because he hasn’t sprayed her yet.”

Then Emma’s voice trembled, “He won’t spray when you pick him up, will he?”

“No way!” Teddy laughed, rushing over to stroke his new little friend. “Baby skunks, like Stripes, are fixed so they don’t spray.”

Then Teddy patted Midnight’s head. “I hope Stripes has been behaving. Skunks can be great pets. And it looks like you’ve been a great skunk sitter.”

“Skunk sitter?”

Gently, Emma picked up her purring kitty and looked into her big green eyes.

“Midnight, next time you take a job, please ask me first!”


About the Author

 Sonia taught children, mostly preschoolers through third graders, for over forty years.  She wrote, edited, and compiled articles for the school’s monthly newsletter. She has written songs and skits for both children and adults to enjoy and perform. One of her stories was published in Cricket magazine. Two of her stories have been published in The San Diego Jewish World. She has also self-published two e-books.  In addition, Sonia earned a trip to Mexico City for writing a winning essay, and won a cash prize for creating the slogan used by radio station KSDO.  

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  1. A good, unusual story well told. Thank you, Ms Snyder. I didn’t know skunks made good pets. I assume they can get shots for protection against rabies etc.


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