Why Are Cats Good Hunters?

You have probably seen a cat hunting – they get really low to the ground and sneak up on their “prey” which could be a mouse, a bird, or even a toy.

Why are cats good hunters?

We’ve pounced on some fun facts to answer this head-scratching question.

Check it out!

Did You Know?

Cats are genetically designed to be sneaky hunters. They walk by placing their back giphycatpaws in almost the exact same place as their forepaws previously did. This “talent” allows them to have reduced noise and lessens the tracks they leave behind.

Cats are nocturnal (more active at night), so they can hunt under the cover of darkness.

The feline species has excellent night vision. Their eyes can see light that is six times lower than we would be able to see in.

Cats have a flexible spine. This allows them to twist when they are “falling,” so that they always land on their paws.

imagesFelines have very sharp teeth that are designed for hunting. The tiny incisors (at the front of their mouths) grip prey. The sharp canine teeth (its pointy fangs) kill it and shred it.

Further back, they have eight sharp and serrated premolar teeth. These are perfect for cutting the food up into chunks and four molars crush bone.

Interestingly, the feline species can only move their jaws up and down, so they can’t chew food like we do.

Cats can jump about seven times their height. fb_image_5afedcb870f37__700__700

A cat’s sense of smell is said to be 14 times greater than humans.

Cats are built for the hunt. But not all kitties hunt live prey. Watch Milo hunt these tv-rats.

Do you have a cat? Does he or she like to hunt? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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