It’s Teddy Bear Day!

Do you have a favorite Teddy Bear? Well give him an extra squeeze today ’cause it’s Teddy Bear Day!

animated-teddy-image-0033Did you know there’s a worlds biggest collection of Teddy Bears? Jackie Miley owns over 8,000 of these cuddly toys!

In honor of this “stuffie,” here are some more fun furry Teddy Bear facts.

Did You Know?

  1. A German toymaker (Margarete Steiff) designed a stuffed bear in 1903 after a trip to the zoo.
  2. After the Titanic sank, Steiff created 500 Teddy Bears to honor the victims. Today 4ac350364c813b2c0c22af2fee64f44bone of these special bears can sell for over $20,000!
  3. Winnie the Pooh is based on a real bear. Named Winnipeg, this black bear was once a mascot for a Canadian army troop.
  4. The smallest Teddy Bear available for sale is only 0.29 inches tall! 
  5. The largest Teddy Bear towers at just over 55 feet tall! His name is C.T. Dreams (Connect the Dreams).
  6. Gamer Yuka Nakajima has managed to snag over 3,500 Teddy Bears from the arcade “Claw” machine.
  7. Magellan T. Bear became the first teddy bear in space. This lucky bear boarded Space Shuttle Discovery in 1995 as an “education specialist” for a Colorado elementary school. The teddy bear later flew around the world, visited the South Pole, and more.

Do you have a special bear in your life? Tell us about it in the comments section.

Have a Beary Furtastic Teddy Bear Day!



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  1. Happy Teddy Bear Day! You never get too old to have a Teddy Bear. I have two ‘Teddies”, one named ‘Bear-Bear’ and one named ‘Purple-Bear’. ‘Bear-Bear’ is 16 years old. Yes! My grandson won him for me out of a machine you put in coins and try to swivel a mechanical arm to clamp on the stuffed toy you want. (He was only 5 years old then).
    ‘Purple-Bear is only 3 years old. Guess what color he is? Thanks for the info. on these classic comfort toys.

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