The Art of Disguise. Camouflage in the Animal World

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child-getting-face-paintedIt is fun to have your face painted. Unique artists can use makeup and design to turn your face into a cool masterpiece.

But did you know some animals and fish also have artistic abilities? This is called, camouflage and they use it to blend in.

Let’s look at some animals that have taken the art of disguise to a whole new level.

The Art of the Bark


You could be walking in a forest and never spy our first well-hidden creature. The Grey Morph, Eastern Screech Owl, looks like the bark of an old grizzled tree.

This bird stands about 10 inches tall (25 centimeters) and has pointed tufts of feathers on top of its head. It uses the art of the bark to hunt for prey and to stay hidden away from predators.

Too bad hungry hawk, you will never catch a glimpse of this creative critter.

The Art of Being Leafy


Lizards are preyed upon by many different animals and birds, but the Leaf Tailed Gecko has its way of blending in.

This little lizard has a long spine on its back and a tail that resembles a leaf.  When sitting quietly on the branch of a tree, this gecko is so camouflaged, that it will be easily mistaken for part of a twig.

Too bad hungry snake, you just slithered right over this leafy character.

The Art of Being Stoney


It is a good thing the Stone Flounder lives around 490 feet (150 meters) below the surface of the ocean, or you may step on it.

This fish is very flat and has both of its eyes on the same side of its head.  When this artistic fish is lying still, it looks exactly like the sand or pebbles on the seabed.

Tough luck hungry shark, this flounder has the art of being stoney, fooling you again.

The Art of Confusion


Not all animals have to blend in to stay safe from predators. The Zebra’s stripes can also be a form of camouflage. But how can that be when it stands out so much?  

When the zebra is part of a herd, all those stripes can be very confusing to a predator. When a group of zebras are all running together, their stripes are just a blur of movement.  

Too bad hungry lion, this art of confusion will leave you seeing stripes.

Are You There?

The artistic abilities these animals have are second-to-none and they didn’t even have to pick up a paintbrush!  

Next time you are in nature take a closer look around. You may (or may not) see some art of disguise watching you.

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