How Fast is the Wind Blowing? DIY Anemometer!

Have you ever wonder how fast the wind is blowing? There is a fun way you can “test” the wind speed.

Did You Know?

The first mechanical anemometer was invented by Leon Battista Alberti in download (3)approximately 1450?

Anemometers have not changed much since then although some later anemometer inventions were mistakenly credited as the first.

One of the simplest anemometers is the cup anemometer invented by Dr. John Thomas Romney Robinson in 1845. Today there are a variety of anemometer designs.

Let’s make our own cup anemometer out of some common household items.

What You Need

  • 2 plastic straws
  • 1 pencil with an eraser on the end
  • 1 pushpin
  • 1 hole punch
  • 5-3oz paper cups


Anemometers are important for several reasons including weather reporting and forecasting, the study of air movement, weather patterns, flight, and engineering.

Now that you have your own cup anemometer, take it outside to see how fast the wind is blowing in your neighborhood.

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