Audio Story – The Money Garden

Listen and read-along with this fun story by, Lina Desouki.

Balloons float in the hot summer air and streamers fill the backyard.

Everyone cheers, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

As Gabby blows out all ten candles, he knows precisely what to wish for; MONEY and lots of it!

Gabby shuts his eyes tightly and whispers, “I wish for all the money in the world.”

Grandpa Al places his arm around Gabby, “You know, Gabby being greedy doesn’t get you anything. You have to work hard for your money.”

Gabby shrugs his shoulders and takes a bite out of his sprinkle-covered chocolate birthday cake.

“Let’s open some presents!” shouts Mom.

Gabby’s smile quickly turns upside down as he opens his first present from Aunt Clara, a new pair of rubber boots.

The next gift is from Grandma Eva – it’s pajamas with little blue dinosaurs on them!

Gift after gift Gabby becomes more and more disappointed. Where is all the money?

He opens his last present in a green gift bag, It’s from Grandpa Al. Gabby quickly pulls out the crinkly tissue paper. hoping to find dollar bills but instead, all he receives is a gardening kit and planting seeds!

Gabby is confused.

“Please thank your family for all of your gifts,” insists Mom.

Gabby says thank you to his family and heads inside the house to hide in his room.

Knock Knock

“Gabby, what are you doing here all alone on your birthday?” asks Grandpa Al.

“I don’t feel like partying anymore.”

“How ’bout we head back outside and plant those seeds I got you?”

Gabby shuffles his way outside with Grandpa Al and his gardening kit in hand. Grandpa finds a nice sunny spot to plant the seeds. 

As he digs a row of small holes, he says, “you must remember to water them every day and give the plants lots of love.”

“That sounds like a lot of work,” moans Gabby. 

“Ah, it can be but remember, hard work pays off.”

Every morning, Gabby puts on his rubber boots, grabs his gardening kit, and gets to work. After a few days, Gabby is disappointed.

It’s still just a pile of dirt.

Then Gabby remembers Grandpa Al’s advice and continues to water his garden daily.

A week later, Gabby notices his plants beginning to sprout. They get taller every day.

Gabby continues to tend to his plants over the weeks. He trims the leaves, removes any weeds, and even plucks off all the tomato worms.


Grandpa checks on Gabby and his garden and is amazed at what he sees. Tall tomato plants peak over the backyard fence with giant tomatoes the size of Gabby’s head!

Neighbour John also notices Gabby’s garden. “How much?”

“For what?” Gabby asks.

“For one of your tomatoes, of course.”

Gabby smiles from ear to ear and says, “that’ll be two dollars, please.”

John hands Gabby a five-dollar bill and says, “keep the change, but I’ll be back for more.”

The neighbours begin to gather in Gabby’s backyard to purchase one of his giant tomatoes. The lineup wraps around the fence!

Grandpa Al gazes at Gabby’s garden, “I’m so proud of you!” he exclaims.

After all his neighbours left, Gabby counts his money. He made $50.00 from his giant tomato plants!

Mom calls out for dinner.

“You have one tomato left, Gabby. Let’s say we help your mom make a giant tomato salad,” says Grandpa.

“Yummy!” cheers Gabby.

As the summer sun begins to set and Gabby’s tomato garden comes to an end, Grandpa Al asks, “what are you going to do with all of your hard-earned money, Gabby?”

“I’m going to buy more seeds for next year. How about we grow some giant pumpkins?”

Grandpa Al laughs. “Only if you promise to make me a giant pumpkin pie!”


About the Author

Lina Desouki is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. One of her many passions is writing for children and teens. She hopes to one day publish her own children’s book. The inspiration behind “The Money Garden”, is based on her son, Gabby. 

When she’s not writing, Lina enjoys spending time biking with her husband and two young boys. 

You can check out Lina’s writing blog here:

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  1. This was absolutely a beneficial story for my twins! It was a great story & a great lesson for children to learn from for the future. Great story! My kid won’t stop raving about it. Thank you for being a great writer ! Can’t wait to read more of your stories .


  2. Wow what an amazing story ! Thank you for making my two Boyz super happy. They loved and learnt allot from this story. Thanks Again, absolutely loved it!


  3. Great job! What a great story! My kids were so intrigued and focused. I love the lesson behind the story! Keep up the great work!


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