It’s World Animal Day! Let’s Celebrate ‘Fins, Feathers, and Furry’ Things!

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Meows, moos, roars, ‘ribbids’, barks, screeches, growls and howls of animals will be heard all over the planet today! 

This will be the animals saying, ‘thank you’ for observing World Animal Day.

A Day For Animals Everywhere!

Animal lovers throughout the ages have always been aware of the importance of animals in the cultures of their regions. 

In 1925, the German publisher of Man and Dog magazine in Berlin started the first animal celebration day that became World Animal Day.  

In 1955, the International  Animal Protection Congress in Florence, Italy accepted and adopted World Animal Day globally.  

Other international animal advocates added their support. The event is now celebrated each year to cause awareness and respect for the domestic, wild, endangered, neglected or mistreated animals of the world.

Did You Know?

  • 1877 – Anna Sewell’s novel, Black Beauty was the first English novel written from the perspective of a non-human. This classic stirred up debate on the treatment of horses. 
  • 1624 – Lewis Gompertz publishes a pamphlet advocating that “animals have rights, too.” Founded the English Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • 530 BCE – Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, advocated “vegetarianism”

“Paws” For Thought

Days of designated animal celebrations cause us to take a moment from the details of our busy day and think about the delights of the animal world around us.  

Magnificent wild creatures and the pets in our family connect us to our mutual needs in ‘the circle of life’ There are now 78 days of observance for animals during the calendar year. 

October, 2020 Animal ‘Days’

Starting with National ‘Mew’ Year for Cats Day at the first of January, specific days of animal national awareness in October are:

  • 1st – Black Dog Day
  • 2nd – Fire Pup Day
  • 3rd – World Animal Day, a global recognition
  • 14th – Pet Obesity Day
  • 16th – Global Cat Day and Feral Cat Day
  • 20th – Sloth Day
  • 21st – Reptile Awareness Day
  • 26th – Pit Bully Awareness Day
  • 27th – Black Cat Day
  • 29th – Cat Day

“Paws” For the Cause

Looking for ways to celebrate this occasion? Check them out!

Have a party for your pet.  

Adopt a pet.  

If safety permits, visit a zoo, aquarium, talk a walk in the forest, watch movies like Bambi, Old Yeller, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and A Bug’s Life.  

Read Charlotte’s Web, Call of the Wild, Where the Wild Fern Grows, and Black Beauty in age-related versions.

Check out the Animal, Pet and Conservation categories of Smarty Pants archives to remind you of the vital role of wildlife and companion animals in our environment and personal lives.

Clawed, pawed, four-legged two-legged, furred, feathered or scaled, creepy/crawly, scurrying or slithering, we love ‘em all!

Check out this cool presentation by Saanvi – Age 7

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