Real-Life Haunted Houses

Haunted houses are used in many scary movies – you may have seen one or two. But did you know there are actually houses that are haunted? These spooky buildings have reported sightings of ghosts, moving objects, and other bone-chilling activities.

Check out these five haunted houses in the United States…

…if you DARE!

The Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas

Sally houseLegend has it that the cause of this haunting is from an operation gone wrong. Apparently, a young girl was having her appendix out at this home, and it went terribly wrong.

The family who lived in this home in the 90s reported flying objects, many ghost appearing and scratching, gouging and shoving, mainly directed at the male owner.

No one lives in this home today, but it’s a popular pick for paranormal researchers who have been asking if new evil spirits have since moved in.

LaLaurie House, New Orleans

LaLaurie House

This huge home is said to be haunted by the ghosts of slaves that were tortured here from 1831 to 1834.

Socialite (and serial killer), Madame Delphine LaLaurie, built a torture chamber in this Royal Street mansion and was found out when responders came for a fire.

LaLaurie’s victims from beyond the grave have been reported to be shouting, moaning, and weeping. Some even say they have seen ghostly faces in the upstairs windows.

Bell Witch Farms, Adams Tennessee

BellWitchA woman named, Kate Batts, believed her neighbor (John Bell) cheated her out of some land.  On her deathbed in the early 19th century, she swore she would haunt him forever.

The Bell family said they experienced physical attacks, heard chains dragged across floors, noises in the walls and saw odd-looking animals on their farm, including a dog with a rabbit’s head. Today you can tour the property.

House of Death, New York City

houseofdeathThis famous brownstone holds a sinister past. It is reportedly terrorized by a whopping total of 22 ghosts. The most famous one is writer Mark Twain, who lived here from 1900-1901.

But the most heartbreaking is the six-year-old girl beaten to death by her father, a criminal prosecutor Joel Steinberg, in 1987.

In addition to sightings of Twain and the young girl, residents say they have seen visions of a lady in white and a gray cat.

Ferry Plantation House, Virginia Beach, Virginia

1200px-FerryPlantationHouseNot all houses have to be old and rickety to be haunted. The Ferry Plantation House in Virginia is not old and broken down at all, but a total of 11 spirits are said to “live” here.

These include passengers of a shipwrecked ferry, a former slave, and Grace Sherwood – a woman who was accused of being a witch in the 1700s.

Today this historic house is being used as a museum. However, some folks say if you listen carefully you might hear Grace yelling at her dead dog, Tobias.

These spooky houses hold many secrets. What do you think their ghosts are saying? Tell us in the comments section.

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