Show Us Your Stuff Saturday -The Crowded Sky!

By, Ashlen V. – Age 10

I look up at the sky

And always wonder why,

Why it’s been there since the beginning of time

And till today, it’s always been sublime.

Whatmysteries does it hold?

I always ponder in my mind

What fantasies does it unfold?

It’s so big; so unconfined

In the sky, roam the clouds

When they thunder, why are they so loud?

They’re tiny water drops, floating in the sky

They all seem to vanish when it’s July.

The Sun, glorious and majestic

Leaves the sky vibrant and energetic

Why is it a blazing ball of fire,

Soaring the heat higher and higher?

The night sky full of stars that shimmer

Aren’t they like the precious diamonds that glimmer?

They dazzle the sky at night.

What a sight to my heart’s delight!

 Here comes the lovely moon

Isn’t it an enchanting sight to behold?

It sits there shining like gold 

The moon for us  is such a boon 

Isn’t the sky so crowded?

With so many more things that can’t be counted.

I look up at the sky and always wonder why

 It’s always been so high.


Thank you Ashlen for this wonderful poem!

Hey Kids! Do you have a poem, short story, or drawing you would like to share? Click here for details!

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