The Forces of Nature Have Super Powers!

Did you know the forces of water, wind, and the Earth can have superpowers?

Just like in the movies, some superpowered forces can be good and some…well…may not be so friendly.  

Let’s discover more about nature’s awesome forces.

Superpowered Water

giphy (5)Waterfalls are not only beautiful, but the force of all that water pouring down can power turbines. This generates electricity and gives us the power to make things work.

Water found in the ocean can create large waves. These are powerful enough to allow people to “ride” on a surfboard all the way to shore.

Humongous walls of water called, a tsunami, is so powerful, it can wash up on shore and cover several miles of land.

Superpowered Wind


Wind can be a friend to us. It can fly our kites high up in the sky and turn a sailboat intogiphy (7) a speedboat. But when the wind turns on its superpowers, it can become a force like no other.  

Hurricanes and tornadoes are two forces of wind that can be hard to stand up against. Hurricane winds can travel 175 miles-per-hour! A tornado also has super-strength and creates a funnel that can be 2.5 miles wide!

Superpowered Earth

Deep underground lies one of Earth’s superpowers. Tectonic plates are solid masses of giphy (6)rock that can be from 50 to 250 miles thick. These plates are found all over the world; however, some are more active than others.

Places like California experience earthquakes, which shakes when these tectonic plates move back and forth and up and down. But, when the plates shift underground in Hawaii, it can cause volcanoes to erupt.

Now that’s power!

The forces of nature are truly fascinating. The next time you are out in the weather, think about the natural superpowers of our mighty planet.

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