Today is Young Readers’ Day!

Reading is important and FUN!

There are so many books and stories to discover, it would take many lifetimes to read them all. Plus, more are being created every day.

Did you know there are over 130 million books in print today?

Isn’t that amazing?

Read on for more mind-blowing facts about books!

1. The most expensive book ever purchased was sold for $30.8 million.

It was Codex Leicester by Leonardo Da Vinci, and it was purchased by Bill Gates.

2. Do you have “bibliosmia?”

If so, you love the smell of old books.

3. That’s one “run-on” sentence!

The longest sentence ever printed is found in the book by Victor Hugo’s, Les Miserables. It contains 823 words!

4. Typewritten books were a “new” thing, back thendownload (31)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was the first book to be created on a typewriter.

5. One President REALLY loved to read!

Theodore Roosevelt read one book per day!

6. Harry Potter is in the top three!

The three most read books in the world are The Holy BibleQuotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, and one cool wizard named, Harry Potter.

7. Icelandic Folks Win!

People who live in Iceland read more than anyone!

download (32)8. Alice in Wonderland is based on a real girl!

Her name was Alice Liddell, and her family was close friends with author Lewis Carroll. While on a boating trip, she asked him to tell her a story — and that’s how Alice was born.

Now that you know some fun facts about books, share them with your friends and family. And, of course, grab your favorite story, or a new book, to celebrate Young Readers’ Day.

If you are looking for some cool short stories, check out our story section. You will love our tales!

Happy Young Readers’ Day!

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