A Christmas Surprise for Mrs. Claus

Listen to and read-along with this awesome story by, Karen Hodges.

Christmas is almost here, 

Santa fretted as he checked the rudders on his sleigh.

“What am I to do? I have baby dolls, soccer balls, baseball gloves, bicycles, video games, and golf tees — gifts for everyone except Mrs. Claus. Last year I gave her a diamond necklace from Siberia. The year before that, I brought her a sheepdog. She loves the way he sits at her feet in the evening and keeps her toes toasty and warm. I always give her rose perfume, but,” Santa pushed back his red hat to scratch his head, “what can I give her this year? 

She patiently waits until I return and asks about each child. She wants to know how the trees were decorated, what sort of cookies the children left for me, and if the cocoa was still warm. I appreciate her enthusiasm, but she can’t ride with me…or can she?”

Santa rubbed his belly in thought, “I am the boss of Christmas deliveries. If my elves could make some small changes to my sleigh, could Mrs. Claus ride with me for just one night?”

Santa continued to stomp around in the snow. “Yes, I’ll have the elves make room for her. She might not agree to go with me, but it’s worth a try since I can’t think of another thing she might like.”

On Christmas Eve morning, Santa wished Mrs. Claus, “Merry Christmas,” and pecked her on the cheek as they sat down to breakfast. They feasted on platters of pancakes glistening with maple syrup, and Mrs. Claus gave him red knitted mittens with a warm cozy scarf. He thanked her and led her outside to his sleigh. She gasped when she saw the huge red bow on its front.

“Is the sleigh my present?” she asked, her eyes open wide. “I wouldn’t know what to do with a sleigh. Plus, won’t you need it tonight?”

“No,” he chuckled, “it’s not the sleigh.”

“Oh, is my gift on the cushions?” Her hand brushed the soft velvet seat.

“Goodness, no!” he replied. “But my elves added a seat. Sit down and see how it feels.”

Her cheeks flushed with joy as she climbed aboard.

Santa eased himself onto the driver’s seat beside her. “See, this is a two-seater sleigh now. Would you like to go with me tonight to see the rooftops, the Eiffel Tower lit up for Christmas, the Empire State Building-”

Mrs. Claus put her hand on his arm. “Yes! Yes! Of course! I’ve always dreamed of riding in your sleigh and delivering presents to the good little boys and girls throughout the world. But we must hurry. Won’t I need a red suit and hat like yours to wear if I’m going to go down all those chimneys? I wouldn’t want to get soot on my red dress!”

She looked at him, her eyes shining, while Santa’s mouth gaped open as he imagined her delivering gifts, eating his cookies, and drinking his cocoa.

He paused in thought.

“You know,” he exclaimed, “That might not be a bad idea. I could use a little catnap on that long night’s trip. You might even help me keep an eye out for satellites and weather balloons.”

He nodded.

“Okay. You have those clothes made, and while the elves are sewing, I’ll give you some pointers.”

“Oh, you don’t need to, My Dear. I read all your notes, and I know just what to do. We’ll have such a good time!” Mrs. Claus clapped her hands in delight. “Let’s get ready!

If you fall asleep on the sofa in front of your fireplace on Christmas Eve, you may be awakened by the sound of soft footfalls and the smell of rose perfume. Open your eyes just a bit, you may see Mrs. Claus nibbling on the cookies and taking dainty sips of your cocoa.

Team Santa has come to stay.


About the Author

Karen Hodges is a retired school librarian and storyteller. She enjoys writing and telling memorable stories. When she isn’t writing, she loves to travel, play games with her family, and decorate her home, especially for Christmas.

8 replies

  1. Karen, I so enjoyed your story! It is so delightful and inspiring—a talented team/marriage sharing life, love, travels, and calling together. Sounds like you and Dan to me😉! That’s a shot across the bow to those who would scorn marriage as we know it and rid the world of our archaic traditions. Love to you and Dan, and may you have many more years together!
    Merry Christmas💗


  2. Sweet story from a dear librarian friend. I love the addition of Mrs. Clause getting in on the fun of delivering gifts on Christmas Eve.


  3. Awww… How I miss you and your stories! I can close my eyes and see you all dressed up telling this to your grands. Go team Santa!!!


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