Fido Says, “Let it Snow! Let it Snow”!

Did you know some dogs love SNOW?

Grab the blankets, sweaters, coats, mittens, boots, and hot chocolate. 

But wait!

Your dog is chasing himself in circles, he’s so excited to go outside! (Except, you may want to get your little Chihuahua or other hairless canines a sweater, first).

Snow Dogs

Dogs wear a fur coat all the time, so they are good-to-go in snow. Especially the northern-bred breeds enjoy cold weather.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis, with their Viking heritage, have double coats with a thick download (19)undercoat. The shaggy Old English Sheepdog and Siberian Husky (Siberia, Russia!) are right at home.

The Labrador Retriever were bred to help Canadian fishermen retrieve fish from the frigid North Atlantic waters. And, the little Pomeranian, who can overheat easily, love the reprieve of chilly winters.

Play Time!

Why do dogs love the snow? Just look at children (of all ages) when the first snowfall blankets the world in a winter wonderland. Dogs like to play, too. They are curious about this new, white stuff falling from the sky. They run, roll, romp, sniff, smell, and eat it! They enjoy the sense of something new, different, and the freedom of the outdoors.

So bundle up, brave the elements and make a memory with your dog. It will be great to play in the snow (until it’s time to shovel it!)

Watch these funny dogs enjoying a “snow day.”

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