Cold-Day Clothes – Audio Curriculum Corner

Listen and read-along with this wintertime Curriculum Corner fun project by, Jo Carol Hebert! Be sure to print the accompanying Cold-Day Clothes PDF.

I wake up. I get up. I will not stay inside today. 
I will go outside to play; 
because I know all the many ways 
of getting dressed for a winter day.

My feet are in my red socks. 
My blue pants are up. My blue pants are on!
The zipper is down. The zipper is up!

My belt goes through the loops and around.
I can snap and hook and tie.
I can button and buckle, too.

Here goes the white sweater over my head.
My head is through the hole.
My arms go through the sleeves. The sweater is on!
A green scarf goes around my neck.

Now my feet are in my black galoshes. My galoshes are on!
My hands are in my purple mittens. The mittens are on!
A yellow cap is on my head.
My orange muffs are over my ears.
Now only my nose shows!

Hooray! All my cold-day clothes are on!
Outside, the snow falls.
The cold wind blows.
But I will be warm in my cold-day clothes

But, after I play, I may need some help 
Getting my cold-day clothes off!


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