Audio Poem – Animal Breakfast

Listen and read-along with this fun poem by, Ladybug.

Come eat with me; little brown bear.
Have a seat, while I pull up a chair.
I’ll pass the honey; lickety-split;
You take it easy; little bear, sit.

Have some breakfast, little green frog.
I’m glad you could leave your smoggy bog.
I will give you some crunchy bugs.
You can have slugs by the jugs.

Come join us, little robin red breast.
You can sit down with the rest.
I will pass some wild bird seeds,
And lots of pine nettle weeds.

Have some breakfast, little baby chick.
I will pass some chicken feed, quick.
You can peep as loud as you please.
Don’t eat too fast, or you’ll sneeze.

Come and dine little scaly alligator.
There won’t be any food, later.
You can eat some crabs and shrimp,
But don’t eat the baby chimp.

Little chimp; don’t cry crocodile tears.
Alligator won’t eat you. Have no fears.
You can eat bananas, one, two and three.
You can eat as many as you can see.

Animal breakfast is over. There is no more.
Oh, no; five more walked through the door.
I am out of food. Now what will I do?
You’ll have to come back tomorrow, at two.


About the Author

Mary (a.k.a. Ladybug) is a seventy-year-old writer, having been writing over forty years. She was previously published by Catholic Digest, Our Sunday Visitor, Sisters Today, Back Porch Magazine and Bread ‘N Molasses. Mary was the only Southern writer in the Our Sunday Visitor Christmas writing contest.

Although residing in Oregon with her daughters and two cats, she has lived in Louisiana most of her life. Mary enjoys writing, logic puzzles and designing graphics. Her ‘Southern Belle’ charm comes through in her writings. Mary’s two daughters loved to hear stories and songs she wrote when growing up, so she decided to share them with other children. That is why she became a children’s writer.

Categories: Audio Stories/Poems

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