6 Tips on Building the Perfect Snowman

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Building a snowman can be fun, but also a challenge. Check out these 6 tips on building the perfect snowman to help you along the way!

istock-613015246Tip #1 – The Best Snow for the Job!

There are two basic types of snow. There’s the fluffy powdery snow, and the wet sticky stuff.

To make the perfect snowman you will want snow between fluffy and super-slushy – you need enough water to stick the crystals together, otherwise you won’t be able to form a snowman.

If your snow is too fluffy, sprinkle some water on it until it becomes sticky.

Tip #2 – Find a Good Location to Build

What is the biggest “enemy” to a snowman? Sunshine!

When finding the perfect location to build, find a flat shady spot. If you can’t find a shady spot, build your snowman’s face on the side away from the sun. This prevents his facial features from melting too quickly.

Tip #3 – Aim for the 3-2-1 Balance making-snowman

When building a snowman, aim for the 3-2-1 balance. For example, if your bottom snowball is three-feet wide, then the second should be two-feet and the third, one -foot. This strikes the perfect balance, so your creation doesn’t topple over.

Tip #4 – Start By Packing

Start your snowman out by packing as much snow into a ball as you can. Then place it on the ground and start rolling. The bigger your snowball gets the tougher it will be to move. Packing it first gives you a head start.

Tip #5 – Flatten Each Ball

Flatten the top of your snowman’s base. Then flatten the top and bottom of the middle ball. Lastly, flatten the bottom of the snowman’s head. This gives your structure stability and will help prevent the snowballs from falling off.

Tip #6 – Decoratesillysnowmenweb

The best part of making a snowman is decorating him. Get creative and use whatever you want to give him his own style. Try buttons, yarn, old scarves, hats, sticks, or other odds and ends. Nothing is too crazy!

Now that you know some tips on building the perfect snowman, go out and get creative. If you’ve built a snowman, we want to see it. Take a picture and send it to us. It could be showcased on Show Us Your Stuff Saturday.

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