Audio-The Valentine Monster!

Listen and read-along with this awesome poem by, Jo Carol Hebert

There once was a monster with big, bulgy eyes,

Who roamed about looking to terrorize.

He was huge, furry and awfully mean,

the worst monster that had ever been seen.


When the Monster roamed the ancient moors,

people would lock their cottage doors.

They closed their curtains, stayed inside,

they climbed under their beds, trying to hide.


The children of the village town

had a meeting where they found –

the monster wasn’t mean or bad.

The monster was just alone… and sad.

sad (2)
“He must be lonely, he shows all the signs

Let’s get together and make Valentines.”

So that they did and gave them to him

The Monster was confused but then began to grin


Then within a short little while,

that Monster grin, turned to a friendly smile.

His big heart was now on the mend

Because he had people to call his friend!


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