Storytime Audio – The Princess Who Wouldn’t Dress!

Listen and read-along with this sweet poem by, Cathy Jeannotte

In the castle of King A-Plenty,

lived Princess Daisy May.

In room one hundred and twenty,

she awoke to start the day.


Her bed was the size of the yard at school.

The room was bigger still.

It had an indoor swimming pool

and closets she could never fill.

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She rode a train to choose her clothes,

from door one hundred and ten.

She threw each dress onto the floor,

and then picked it up again.

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There were too many outfits to choose from!

Oh, what was the Princess to do?

She just couldn’t make up her mind –

gorgeous green or satin blue?

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There were dresses with frills and skirts with lace,

and shoes with bows to match them.

Up in the air they went, one by one,

and she never tried to catch them.


She sighed and looked at what she was wearing –

Night clothes with yellow bananas.

“Princesses can wear whatever they like!” she said,

and went out in her favorite pajamas.


Her Royal subjects were very surprised

and didn’t know what to do.

They wanted to make Daisy May happy,

so they put on their pajamas too.


It was quite a sight in the Royal town square —

a slumber party for young and old.

But it was winter time in the village,

and soon people were getting cold.


      The Princess saw them all shivering,

with noses all drippy and red.

 “Oh, maybe this was a bad idea!

What should I do?”  she said.

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 Then she had a Royal idea.

 It was brilliant and thoughtful and good.

 She ran to her room and picked up her clothes,

 and packed them as fast as she could.

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She got dresses and skirts in wool and silk,

and shoes red, yellow, and blue.

Into everyone’s room she went,

and collected their Royal clothes too.

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Soon she had things to fit everyone.

So she filled the biggest gold chest.

Into the town the Royal coach took them,

only the best of the Royal best.

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Daisy May gave outfits to all,

pants for boys and for girls, pretty dresses.

They were overjoyed to look so royal,

in the clothes of the Prince and Princesses.


Daisy May was happier too,

as she looked into her closets quite bare.

Now that she didn’t have clothes galore,

it would be easy to choose what to wear.


About the Author

Cathy Jeannotte is from England where she once had tea with a real princess. She was so busy minding her manners that she completely forgot to ask about the royal closets! Cathy lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and four children. She is an expert on tidy closets, princesses, and royal manners.

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