Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – A Fun Adventure!

My Trip to Kalahari Waterpark

by, Svara J. – Age 7

It all started on a nice, calm and busy Friday. I was drawing with my little sister, Laya.

My parents told me that we were going somewhere, next Friday. I wanted to know where, because I had a class party on that day. My mom told my dad to show me because it wasn’t too much of a surprise. My dad showed me some pictures on his
phone. My dad said it was Kalahari waterpark. He also said it was indoor.

On Tuesday, we went to Laya’s friend’s, Daivik’s house. Over there, (I don’t know how but) our parents decided we should together.

It took 1,000,000,500 hours to get to Friday (Okay not really, but that’s how it felt like). The day before we went, I had a playdate with my best friend, Samaira. I told her everything about the trip.

Finally, it was Friday! I woke up. I kept telling my parents I was nervous. I had to wake up at 6:45 am. I wondered why – there wasn’t any packing to do. I only had to get ready because we were packing last night.

Then, we all got ready. Laya woke up last. When all of us were ready, we got in Daivik’s car. Daivik has a mini-van. There are 7 of us. So, there are 7 of us. We all sat in the car, 1 seat was empty, so the car had 8 seats in all.

It took 1 hr. 45 min. Ok, this time for real. Our first stop, Dunkin Donuts (This wasn’t planned). I do not know why. I slept for some time in the car. Then, we took our luggage
and parked our car.

Finally, when we went inside, I had noticed it was snowing. We went to check-in. We changed into our water shoes and swimsuits. My mom told me that we would go to the hotel at 4:00 pm. When we had to put all the luggage away, the whole room was full. So, one of the people who worked there took us to the storage room. When we were done putting all our things away,

I was so excited to get to the waterpark. Did you know that the hotel was connected to the waterpark and all the shops?

Well, I was surprised about that too. Before we kept our things away, my dad got us blue tags which we had to wear for the WHOLE time. They were waterproof, though. Also, there was an arcade.

When we got to the waterpark, we chose a locker where we could keep our stuff.

I was happy to be at Kalahari, Pennsylvania.

played at the mini-pool first. My dad came and joined me. I waited for my mom to come and the first ride we went to was lazy river. It was where you just lay down on a small tube and the water current lifted you away. There were waterfalls and if you go
under it, you would get really wet.

Once I fell in to the water. When I got out, I panicked a little because I got scared.

Next, my sister, dad and I went to a place where there were animal shaped water slides which was fun and the water gushed you down the water slide.

Then, we ate pizza for lunch.

After that, my mom and Daivik’s mom went for other big rides. Meanwhile my dad, my sister and me went to the wave pool. It was basically a giant, huge pool where they made waves come and after sometime they turn off wave mode and it is a normal
giant, huge pool.

After my mom and Daivik’s mom came back, me and my dad went for a ride called Kenyan Korkscrew. Another ride was called Rippling Rhino and Barreling Baboon.

Kenyan Korkscrew’s experience was first scary but my dad called out my name loud and it was echoing – which was really cool and before I even knew it, the ride was over. Then I told dad I wanted to go again. Then he said we could go again on Kenyan
Korkscrew. Again, I got scared, but not too much this time.

Rippling Rhino’s experience was really great and I think it is not scary at all. It is a purple-colored slide and is very
easy to not be afraid of it.

Barreling Baboon was sooooooooooooooo scary. I started crying after the ride because it was so scary. My dad told my mom that they could go on a ride called “Smoke that Thunders” but I said no and kept saying no because I wanted them to stay with me.

They said OKAY and we could go to the hot tub and be warm. We had a good time at
the hot tub. After that, our moms, Laya, Daivik and I went to the hotel and washed up.

Our dads went on a few more scary rides and joined us after sometime. We ate pizzas for dinner and went to sleep.

The next day, after we woke up, we brushed our teeth and went for a huge buffet breakfast. Outside the restaurant we saw fake gingerbread girls and boys where we took some pictures. After breakfast, we went straight to the waterpark.

First ride was the Splashdown Safari. Next, we went to the Lazy River. After that, we went to the wave pool and we played a fun game. After playing in the wave pool, while we were getting out, some kids splashed water on my mom’s eyes. Mom was wiping her eyes when my little sister ran away. When my mom opened her eyes, my little sister was missing!!!!

My mom and I panicked. Mom approached one of the life guards. Meanwhile a family overheard my mom talking to the lifeguard, and told us that they saw a little girl walking with another lifeguard and told us to check near the center of the waterpark.

Mom rushed to check there. Luckily, mom found Laya over there, and got her back. I was so happy to see my little sister, Laya.

Next, dad, mom, Daivik’s mom and I went on Barreling Baboon again. This time we were four of us so I thought maybe I wouldn’t get scared. I said OK but I was still very scared. When we went on it, I got sooooooo scared.

After this, we went in the hot tub again and this time we went through a door which led to an outdoor hot tub. It was so cold that evening. My ears felt cold but it was very cool.

Finally, we dried up, picked our luggage and got in the car. I was very sad to leave but I knew I had to. I slept in the car. We got home and slept.

My experience of Kalahari Waterpark was the best!


Thank you, Svara, for this wonderful story about your trip to Kalahari Waterpark.

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