Audio Story – Grandpas Don’t Do Upside Down!

Listen and read-along with this thrilling poem by, Thomas Nance (narrated by Thomas Nance and granddaughter, Mara Jade).

Grandpa took me to the fair

Where the rides go round and round

But when I asked to go on the hulio hoops

He said “I don’t do upside down.”

“But Grandpa, it zings, it zooms, it zangs,

Just look how fast it goes.”

He told me, “I’m sure for some it’s fun,

But for me there’s no way I will go.”

“Come on Grandpa,” I said with a smile.

“We can have loads of fun.”

“We can also get sick,” he said with a frown

“And my lunch might just come undone.”

Grandpa said,

“If I go on that ride my eyes will bulge

They will burst right out of their sockets

When we go upside down, they’ll go round and round

And fly away like rockets.”

“My teeth will ache from the pounding force

Of twisting around on a curve

They’ll rattle around inside my mouth

While hanging from slender nerves.”

What’s left of my hair will surely fall out

As we hang upside down in the air

If it doesn’t fall out, it will be standing up

The result of a frightful scare.

“Grandpa,” I said, “that’s silly you know

It’s just a few minutes of fright

Stick with me and I’ll give you my hand

You can squeeze it really tight.”

“That’s nice, that’s great,” he said to me,

It’s good to have you around.

But just the same I think I’ll stay

Where my feet are firm on the ground

You go on, go have some fun

Have a bone jarring thrill

I’ll be waiting for you when you come back

Sitting here on this bench, quite still.


About the Author

A retired high school English teacher, Thomas Nance now spends his time as a podcast host, audiobook narrator, high school sports official, and aspiring author of children’s books. His grandchildren serve as inspiration for his books.

Categories: Audio Stories/Poems

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