Audio Story – Grandpa is My Twin!

Listen and read-along with this surprising poem by, Thomas Nance (narrated by Thomas Nance and grandson, Maximus Nance).

Grandpa Is My Twin

Even though Grandpa is much older than me
He sometimes says we’re alike
I think it’s because we do things together
Like napping and riding a bike

Grandpa, like me, doesn’t walk real fast
Because sometimes his knee won’t bend
We’ll even hold hands on icy paths
To avoid getting bumps on our heads

We both have to go to the doctor
Sometimes to get a shot
We tell each other we have to be brave
And that it won’t hurt a lot

We like going together to places
Like the park and sometimes the zoo
And he really loves my Grandma
Almost as much as I do

We like to spend time outdoors
Sometimes in his creaky old boat
We both can get really annoyed
When trying to use the remote

I didn’t like my new underpants
The ones I wear at night
But then Grandpa told me he wore some too
And then that seemed to make it all right

I guess someday I’ll do other things
When I get to be big like him
But I know I will always enjoy spending time
With my pal, my Grandpa, my twin.


About the Author

A retired high school English teacher, Thomas Nance now spends his time as a podcast host, audiobook narrator, high school sports official, and aspiring author of children’s books. His grandchildren serve as inspiration for his books.

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