Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – A Short Tale!

By, Mariam M.

Age – 9

“Breakfast is ready!” shouted Mum.

“Mum where are my shoes?” said Jemma.

“Jemma did you do this?” Called James halfway down the stairs. It was what the Jason family called a normal day. Today was a bit different. Jemma and James’ cousins were coming to sleep over for the night.

Jemma flicked her long, wavy, black hair out of her face. Her whole family looked the same except James had hair that was so messy. There cousins on the other hand had blue eyes and red hair.

The doorbell rang. James called out, “fix this now Jemma!” In a demanding voice.

“Fix what?” replied Jemma.

“The red paint you put all over my bathroom tiles.”

“OK!” Said Jemma in a stressed voice.

Mum answered the door. Our cousins were standing on our veranda with so much luggage. Our cousins came earlier than expected. We were halfway through showing them around the house till our cousin Lena caught sight of the attic door.

She liked exploring a lot.

She ran inquiringly to the attic door and turned the golden brass doorknob.

The door opened.

There was a dark corner we wanted to venture.

We found a small box with a map inside. The map apparently took you to a small cave in a forest we did not know about 2 blocks away. We told our mum we all wanted to take a walk but secretly we were following the map.

We ended up in an old frail eerie looking cave. Luckily, I brought a torch in my pocket. We were quite scared to venture in it but in the end, we decided to.

We ventured till we got to the middle of the cave and found a box. We opened the box and found gold but not only that we found a note.

I had so many questions to ask myself. Why did someone put a box in the middle of a creepy cave and who put it there? I was about to get my questions answered.

The note read:

Dear Finder; This is to be delivered to the Jason family ONLY. These are my old Belongings passed down. I am Patricia.

I knew that Patricia was my great grandma that passed away 10 years ago.

The End…Or Is It?

Ooooh, wonder what happens next!

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