It’s April Fools Day!

What is April Fools?

April 1st is celebrated in the western world by the playing of pranks and the spreading of animated-jester-image-0034hoaxes. The jokes and their “victims” are called “April Fools.” When a person plays a joke on someone they will shout “April Fools” after it’s over to let the recipient know they have been pranked.

Today, we are going to celebrate April Fools by giving you a quiz. Read the questions and try to guess the right answer.

Need a hint?

All the correct answers can be found in our past posts – just follow the link! At the end of the quiz, tally up how many you got right to see where you sit on our April Fools chart.

Good Luck!

1. What is the lifespan of a Red-Eared Slider Turtle?

  • Up to 10 years
  • Up to 20 years
  • Up to 40 years

Hint: I Wanna Pet Turtle!

2. Bubble Gum Was Invented By What Person?

  • A Firefighter
  • A Scientist
  • An Accountant

Hint: It’s Bubble Gum Day!

3. What Three Gases Are Found on Neptune?

  • Helium, Hydrogen, and Methane
  • Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon Dioxide
  • Natural Gas, Methane, and Oxygen

Hint: You’re As Cold as Ice Neptune

4. What Is A Real Sport?

  • Cheese Rolling
  • Toe Wrestling
  • Extreme Ironing

Hint: Weird Wacky Sports

5. What Are Boy Goats Called?

  • Bulls
  • Foals
  • Bucks

Hint: Horns & Antlers – The Goat

6. Where is the Pink Lake Located That Reese Visited?

  • Scotland
  • Australia
  • Canada

Hint: Where in the World Is Reese – Lake Hillier

7. How Many Heads of Lettuce Could Mamenchisaurus Eat Each Day?

  • 1,200
  • 3,000
  • 899

Hint: Dynamic Dino The Mamenchisaurus

8. How Big Are “Growlers?”

  • Less than 6 feet in length (1.8m)
  • More than 6 feet in length (1.8m)
  • They are 6 feet in length (1.8m)

Hint: The Cold Hard Facts About Icebergs

9. What Does the “Magic Hatter” Do?

  • He’s a Chef
  • He’s an Artist
  • He’s a Magician

Hint: Interview With the Magic Hatter

10. What is A-Ping Made From?

  • Fried Tarantula
  • Boiled Worms
  • Oven-baked Beetles

Hint: Fun With Food? Insect Eats!

What’s Your April Fools IQ?animated-jester-image-0006

All 10 Correct – You’re No Fool!

5-9 – Almost Fooled

1-4 – Fooled Ya!

None Right – April Fools!

Did you like our April Fools Day Quiz? Tell us in the comments section!

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