Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – A Curious Poem!

By, Farah K. – Age 9

Cheese On a Plate

Spotty dress with pink shoes,

A piece of cheese is not to lose.

Mouse tied to a rope with a spoon,

Thinking to ‘have the cheese’ is the tune.

All in emerald green with bear feet,

With all cheese, missions complete.

Hanging from a ladder using his hand,

A chunk of cheese starts to expand.

Dressed as a robber with a yellow hat,

But he might win, I can guarantee that.

Armed with a shovel and rope as well,

That he’ll win is something I can tell.

Three top famous with a plate of cheese,

Ending this fight was not near ease.


A Quote From the Poet;

I want my poems to bring smiles to children’s faces, so they expand their imaginations and think of new places. I may be a young poet, but that doesn’t change anything. I believe I will succeed because it’s luck that I’m carrying.

Thank you, Farah, for this clever poem. Keep up the awesome work!

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