Fun With Food – 5 Mind-Blowing Food Facts

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Food. We eat it everyday. But what do we really know about some of our favorite treats?

Check out these 5 mind-blowing food facts – you won’t look at these foods the same again.

Did You Know?

1. Scientists can now turn peanut butter into diamonds.


This is because PB is rich in carbon. Want to make your own peanut butter diamonds?

All you need to do is extract the oxygen from the carbon dioxide found in the peanut spread. Then enact immense pressure on the carbon left behind.

2. The red food dye found in Skittles is made from crushed beetles!

Skittles-OriginalCarmine, also known as carminic acid, is a common red food dye. It is found in Skittles, maraschino cherries, raspberry, and strawberry-flavored junk food, and even lipstick.

Where does this substance come from?

The crushed carcasses of a beetle known as the Dactylopius coccus.

3. Potatoes can absorb and reflect Wifi signals.


Because of their high water content and chemical makeup, potatoes absorb and reflect radio and wireless signals (just like humans do).

In fact, when the airplane company, Boeing, wanted to test out their Wi-fi signals in the passenger seats, they piled up potatoes.

4. Every banana you eat is a clone.

banana-nanicaThere are 1,000 varieties of bananas. But the ones we eat are clones of each other. The Cavendish banana was mass-produced because it doesn’t have any seeds and it survives longer than its banana cousins.

Since the Cavendish does not have any seeds, it must be cloned by farmers in order to continue production.

5. The Aztecs used chocolate as money


The Aztecs may be known for their love of chocolate, but they also used cocoa beans as currency.  In fact, people under Aztec rule could use cocoa to pay their taxes.

Now that you know these mind-blowing food facts, be a Smarty Pants and tell all your friends and family what you’ve learned here today. 

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