Audio Poem – Barnyard Boogie!

Listen and read-along with this be-boppin’ poem written and narrated by, Sheila Kerwin.

Horses trot, pigs roll.

Goats kick, cows stroll.

It’s the Barnyard Boogie!

Roosters strut, bunnies bounce.

Sheep amble, kittens pounce.

It’s the Barnyard Boogie!
It’s the Barnyard Boogie!


About the Author

A former community college Early Childhood faculty/department chair, Sheila Kerwin is a writer, voice actor, and consultant on child development topics. Her children’s poems have appeared in Hello, High Five, Babybug, Ladybug, and the former Caterpillar magazines. Her Wee Steamers videos are published monthly on the STEAM Powered Poetry website, For more information, visit her website at

Categories: Audio Stories/Poems

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