Five Freaky Frogs!

April is National Frog Month!

We couldn’t let this occasion go by without featuring some of these amphibians, so hop on down to check out five freaky frog!

The Hairy Frog

We don’t usually think of frogs as having hair but the Hairy Frog (a.k.a. The Horror Frog) has what appears to be hair sprouting from its legs and thighs. Science has discovered that these little “hairs” are actually dermal papillae which help the frog absorb oxygen from the water. 

Another interesting feature of the Hairy Frog is that when it feels threatened it will break its own bones! When the tiny bones in the frog’s fingers or toes are snapped they produce small barb-like claws that are sharp enough to deter a hungry predator. 

Fast Facts:

  • Location: Central Africa
  • Size: up to 5 inches
  • Diet: Slugs, insects, beetles, spiders

What do you think of this “ware-frog with claws?”

The Glass Frog

There are not too many critters that are see-through but the Glass Frog is one of these rarities. The skin of this frog is so translucent you can see its internal organs! 

Another fun fact about the Glass Frog is that it can jump 10 feet in one leap to escape a hungry predator. Males also guard the fertilized eggs that females deposit on the leaves. Once the tadpoles hatch, they fall into the waiting water below to begin their growth. 

Fast Facts:

  • Location: Central and South America, Mexico
  • Size: up to 1.5 inches
  • Diet: Insects, spiders, moths, and even smaller frogs

What do you think of this high-jumping, organ-showing species?

The Amazon Horned Frog

This frog has an exceptionally wide mouth, stumpy legs, and horn-like protrusions on its head. The Amazon Horned Frog is a carnivorous predator and uses its leaf-like appearance to hide among the ground litter. Once it spies a potential meal, it quickly leaps out, snatching up the unsuspecting prey in its huge gaping mouth. 

The Amazon Horned Frog has been known to practice this type of “ambush” hunting in the same spot for several days in a row. 

Fast Facts:

  • Location: Northern region of South America
  • Size: up to 7.9 inches and weigh up to 1 pound
  • Diet: Smaller frogs, lizards, insects, and even mice

What do you think of this “leafy” big-mouth frog?

The Titicaca Water Frog

This is one of the largest species of water frogs. This behemoth can reach weights of 2 pounds and lengths of 20 inches! Another oddity of this froggy is that it has saggy, baggy skin – and LOTS of it! All this excess skin aids the frog’s breathing because it has small lungs. In fact, it never has to go to the surface of its watery habitat to get air. 

Unfortunately, due to the introduction of trout into its natural habitat and pollution, the Titicaca Water Frog is now considered an endangered species. 

Fast Facts:

  • Location: Lake Titicaca (high up in the Andes on the border of Peru and Bolivia)
  • Size: up to 20 inches and 2 pounds
  • Diet: Insects, snails, fish, and worms

What do you think of this baggy-skinned behemoth?

The Turtle Frog

This frog got its name because it looks like a turtle without its shell. It has short, stumpy legs, a blobby, flattish body, beady eyes, and a flat nose. Its skin sports a pink hue and it has weird claws on its front feet. 

These powerful frogs live most of their lives underground (only emerging to mate). The Turtle Frogs use their heavy-duty front legs to dig for termites (their favorite meal).

Fast Facts:

  • Location: Australia
  • Size: up to around 2 inches
  • Diet: Termites

What do you think of this blobby, termite-loving frog?

That’s Frog-Tastic!

Aren’t these freaky amphibians frog-tastic?

We are jumping for joy with all the fun frog facts we have learned. If you agree, leave us your froggy thoughts in the comment section!

Happy National Frog Month!

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