Fun Pig Facts (Audio With Miss Bonnie B.)

Let’s explore pigs with some fun facts by Miss Bonnie B. (Jed and Henrietta are here, too).

Take a listen!

Did You Know?

Pigs are the smartest of all domesticated animals. They can solve problems and are more trainable than dogs.

Pigs are also very social. When kept in large groups they will snuggle close to one another, but they do prefer to sleep snout-to-snout.

When a pig isn’t sleeping, it likes to talk with its friends. Pigs communicate with more than 20 different vocalisations from wooing a mate to saying ‘I’m hungry!.” They can also squeal at a decibel level of 115! That’s 3 decibels higher than the sound of a supersonic airliner.

Think pigs are slow and lumbering? That’s not quite true. In fact, pigs can run up to 11 miles-per-hour.

Lastly, you may have heard the old saying “sweating like a pig,” however, this statement is misleading as pigs don’t have any sweat glands at all. That’s why when pigs get hot, they like to roll around in a pig mud puddle. This helps them to cool off.

What do you think about the pig? Tell us in the comments section!

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