Creative Writing Workshops 4 Kidz

Here at Smarty Pants Kids we encourage children to put away the video games and tune into their own creativity.

To help all kids figure out what that means to them, Jo Carol Hebert is busy creating a number of workshops aimed specifically for children starting as young as four years old.

These FREE pdfs will include: Teacher’s Curriculum, Applications for the Child, Preperations for the Reader, Instructions and Preprerations for Pre-Readers, an original story or poem and worksheets to help get the child’s creative juices flowing. At the end of each workshop, the child will have a completed writing of their making. These workshops are engaging and inspiring and will build a framework for children to create stories and poems on their own.

We encourage teachers, homeschoolers and parents to download these free resources and also for children to send us their completed poems or stories. They could be featured on Show Us Your Stuff Saturday.


1. Build a Poem: The Owl


2. Build a Poem: The Red Kite

Supplemental Print Pages

3. Build a ‘Haiku’ Poem

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