Today is Arbor Day!

Let’s learn about Johnny Appleseed!

Johnny Appleseed (2)

Did You Know?

His name was John Chapman and he was born on September 26, 1774 (he died on March 18, 1845). He was better known as Johnny Appleseed.


He was an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania, Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, as well as the northern counties of present-day West Virginia. 

He became an American legend while still alive. This was due to his kind, generous ways, his leadership in conservation, and the symbolic importance he attributed to apples.

John Chapman was born in Leominster, Massachusetts. There is a granite marker, and a street called Johnny Appleseed Lane in his hometown. 

John began his apprenticeship as an orchardist under a Mr. Crawford. He had apple orchards, thus inspiring John’s life’s journey of planting apple trees.

Johnny Appleseed got his name because he planted nurseries rather than orchards. He built fences around them to protect them from livestock. He left the nurseries in the care of a neighbor who sold trees on shares. Johnny returned every year or two to tend the nursery. 

His first nursery was planted on the bank of Brokenstraw Creek, south of Warren, Pennsylvania.

Check out this pdf for more Johnny Appleseed fun!


Johnny Appleseed/Arbor Day pdf

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