Audio Poem, Grandpa Says…

Listen and read a-long with this darling poem, Grandpa Says, I’m Not Old. I’m Ripe! Written by, Thomas Nance. Narrated by Mara Nance.


When Grandpa came to visit one day
He asked what I wanted to do
When I said I was worried that he might be too old
He said, “I’ve got news for you.”

Grandpa said:
I’m not like a young banana,
all firm, shiny and green
I have to have been around for a while
to see all the sights I’ve seen

Like fruit that’s been in the house for some time
On my skin you will find some spots
But just like that apple I gave you today
It doesn’t mean that I’m starting to rot

Let’s sing, laugh, or learn to bowl
Or we can hike, bike, and throw
In the library we can check out new worlds
Or clap for clowns at a show

So put on your shoes. Let’s head for the door
We can have some exciting fun.
Let’s try to do a hundred things.
Maybe more by the time we are done

We’ll both sleep well at the end of the day
And you won’t hear me groan or gripe
And I think you’ll agree with me when I say
My dear child, I’m not old. I am ripe!


About the Author

A retired high school English teacher, Thomas Nance now spends his time as a podcast host, audiobook narrator, high school sports official, and aspiring author of children’s books. His grandchildren serve as inspiration for his books.

Categories: Audio Stories/Poems

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