May I?

by, Jo Carol Hebert

Did you know there’s so much more to “May” then just the month?

“May” we show you?

Check it out!

May – Fifth month of the year. After April and before June.

May – In sentence structure, a verb that signifies a ‘possibility’, a ‘request’, or ‘permission’. Examples: “I may (might) go to the store.” “May I go with you?” “Yes, you may go with me.”

Maybe – “Maybe, I will go to the store.” Maybe, I will go with you.” “No, you may not go with me.”              

Mayapples – North American herb with poisonous root. Edible but not very tasty.



Mayday! – Internationally recognized distress signal by radio telephone. 

May Day – Cultural Spring celebration on May 1. Festivals include dancing, singing, and cuisine.

Mayflies – Skinny insect with delicate thin wings. Lays eggs in water but lives on land. may-flyLifespan: two days.

Mayflowers – Low-growing evergreen shrub of North America. Fragrant pink and white flowers.              

Mayflower – Ship that carried the Pilgrims to Massachusetts from England in 1620.

MayhemChaos. Unnecessary violence or disturbance.

Maypoles – Vertical post decorated with streamers that can be held by dancers in celebration.



Maypop – A tasteless berry the size of a hen’s egg. Grows in Southern USA.

Mayor – The head of a city government.

Mayweed – Widespread, smelly weed with white flower heads with yellow centers.

May I ?  An old-fashioned children’s game.

Here’s How to play “Mother, May I?”

Step #1 – Children line up. Choose someone to be ‘It’. 8102723

Step #2 – The ‘It’ person gets to call a kid by name and commands the friend to do one of the following movements: take baby steps, giant steps, hops, etc.

Step #3 – The friend has to ask permission by saying, “Mother, may I?”

If they don’t, they have to go all the way back to the starting line.

The first friend to get to the ‘It’ becomes the next ‘It’.

Play the game again. But watch out! The fun or frustration is when someone gets right up to the ‘It’ and they forget to say, “Mother, may I?”

Here’s a fun poem that will help you remember this important word.

May I?

It’s so nice to ask permission

when you’re in the cookie jar.animated-cookie-image-0018

It’s so nice to ask permission’

so you don’t go off too far.


It’s so nice to ask before you go

and tell your mom you’re home;


‘cause the older that you get,

then the farther you will roam.


It’s so nice to ask permission

Always ask before you go.

Happy First-Day-of-May!

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