Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – Homework (A Poem)

By, Avyaan R. – Age 7

Homework is so hard
It is difficult sometimes
Even for a Pokemon called Mr. Mimes
And those are the funny times

Saying no to homework is my favorite part
I even do it in a Supermart

Doing homework does not sound fun
I feel like eating a hot dog bun
Outside I see the sun
I just want to go and run

Once I go, in some time, my mom will ask – Are you done?
And then I will be like – Of course not!!!!
And she will be like – Why not????

I guess this is the ending
But guess what, my work is still pending

My mom keeps asking
And I keep on running

And for my homework, i still don’t start attending
In some time, I am going to get some scolding
As my pending homework is never ending

After reading this, are you all giggling?
And is your homework also pending?


Thank you, Avyaan, for this delightful poem. Keep up the excellent work (and your homework)!

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