Audio – When Animals Get Together, Their Names Are Odd!

Listen and read-along with this informative poem by, Jo Carol Hebert.

 People are social, and animals, too.

They gather in families, just like you!

animated-family-image-0020 Flocks of birds, penguins, and lice;

lounges of lizards and mischiefs of mice.

Packs of dogs, armies of frogs;

flutters of butterflies, parcels of hogs.


Clouds of grasshoppers, locust, and gnats;

shadows of jaguars, and clutters of cats.

Quivers of cobras and shivers of sharks;

covies of quails, and bevies of larks.


 Mobs of emus, asylums of loons,

intrusions of roaches, a gaze of raccoons.

 Pods of porpoises, walrus and seals;

wisdoms of wombats and zebras in zeals.


 A crash of rhinos, a murder of crows;

rafters of turkeys, a bloat of hippos.

 Kettles of vultures flying about;

prickle of porcupines, hovers of trout.

animated-vulture-image-0009Species of likeness, looking the same,

like in appearance, creatures with names;

wild life together in likeness of mind,

preserving the next babies born of their kind.


What do you think about these odd names for groups of animals? Let us know in the comments section. What other “group” names do you know?

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