Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – A Puppy Story

I Knew That Day, I Would Never Forget That Lady………

By, Shreya S. – Age 13

It was snowing heavily on the cold winter night. The wind brought coolness everywhere. And there I stood, a helpless puppy struggling to survive in the cold. I was unable to find shelter that would save me from the cold. The shops were closed, and no trace of anyone anywhere. ‘How unfortunate was my fate to be alone on this dreadful night!’

I had been out all night battling the gusts of winds. There was no hope of facing it now. My fur froze, my paws got caught in the ever-falling snow, and my eyes turned red in the wind. Soon I began to lose hope and lay down helplessly. My heartbeat was getting heavy. It seemed that I would die in this harsh winter. I remembered all experiences of my life; I spent as a cute puppy. Tears rolled down my eyes. I missed my mother a lot. It was she who loved me more than anyone in this world. She taught me the life of a good puppy. But before I could start the life about which my mother told, it was already over.

Before my eyes closed, I saw a young lady running towards me. I still shivered in the snow. She picked me up and covered me in her warm, soft wool coat. She took me inside a warm shelter. I think it was her house. She covered me with more blankets and gave me a hot broth. It felt as if my soul had returned to me again. She was very caring and loving. She was with me for the whole night.

I could not believe my eyes that I was alive.

The next day my fever was down though I was still sneezing. I was feeling better than before but still clueless about that. Lady put a dog collar around my neck and took me to a big park. In the park, were many puppies like me. They all soon became my friends. I was so happy!


I knew that day, I would never forget that lady in my entire life.


What a great way to end, Be Kind to Animals Week! Thank you, Shreya, for this sweet stoey. Keep up the GREAT work!

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  1. What a lovely story. You have a ‘way with words’ that pulls at the heart-strings. You really brought the reader into that little puppy’s world. Thank you for saving him at the end of your story and leaving us with a happy feeling! Keep writing. J. Hebert


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