A-Z Series; Non-Fiction

Welcome to Smarty Pants A-Z Series; Non-Fiction.

We are so pleased to bring you a fun, new, and engaging way for your kids to learn about fascinating creatures.

These alphabetical journeys include a cover page, table of contents, glossary of new words, wordsearch, quiz, and of course, the A-Z pages of the topic. We encourage parents, teachers, and homeschoolers to download our titles and print or peruse them online.

We understand that life is getting expensive, so for that reason our A-Z Series; Non-Fiction is completely FREE!

What are you waiting for? Scroll down and begin your venture into A-Z Series; Non-Fiction with our FREE pdfs; Dinosaurs, Amphibians. In the Sea, Simple Science, Cool Cats and Odd and Amazing Birds!

Coming Soon: Useful Inventions From A-Z, Adorable Animals From A-Z and Canada From ‘EH’-Z!

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  1. Kidz R Kidz 4-evermore. There never was a Kid that ‘didn’t LOVE a Dinosaur! Love the A-Z Non-Fiction ‘picture books. Such strong, vivid graphics (so cute!) and succinct text. You make ‘Smarty Pants’ of us all. And best of all, You make Learning FUN! Thank You 4 Your Service to Kidz everywhere.


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