How to Grow Your Own Vegetables From Scraps!

by, Christina Dorudian

Do you know that some vegetables can be regrown from the parts that you would normally throw away? 

Here are two of the easiest ones to try!

How to Regrow Celery

Step #1 – Have an adult cut off the base (bottom part) of the celery so that it is about 2-3, celeryinches tall or about 7 cm.

Step #2 – Remove some of the outer stalks.

Step #3 – Place root-side down on a saucer or bowl with water just covering the bottom. 

Step #4 – Place in a sunny area. A kitchen window might work well. Water daily.

In just a few days you will notice that the center of the root stalk is growing with green celery leaves! The outside of the celery root may begin to turn brown. Soon it will be time to plant.

After about 7-10 days the celery can be planted in a garden container or right into the ground.

celery2If you plant it in a container make sure there are drainage holes. 

Step #5 – Make a hole deep and wide enough to cover most of the plant. All of the leaves should be above ground. Keep it watered, but not too wet.

Although you can start harvesting your celery soon, it will take 3-4 months for the whole plant to look like celery you buy in the store. As long as you leave the root in the ground and just trim the leaves and stalks your celery will keep producing! 

Celery is good in so many things like soups and salads. It’s good for you, too! 

Added Bonus – Romaine lettuce can also be regrown this exact way. Instead of removing the outer stalks like the celery you remove the outer leaves. You can always have fresh, crisp lettuce!

How to Regrow Green Onions

Step #1 – Have an adult cut the bottom part of the green onion with the roots attachedonions. This should be about 1 inch or 3 cm long. Be careful not to cut off the roots.

Step #2 – Place the green onion root-side down in a small cup or glass with the roots under water. 

Step #3 – Change the water every day or two. 

When the top part of the onion has grown some, usually about a week, it is time to plant. You can plant the onion roots in a container or directly in the ground. If using a container make sure there are holes in the bottom. 

Step #4 – Fill (an inside or outside container/area) with gardening soil. Stick your index finger in the soil to make a hole. Put the onion root-side down. Cover with soil, keeping any new growth above the soil line. 

Note: The onions can be planted close together, but with enough room between. If growing in a pot it can be grown inside near a sunny window or outside. 

onions2Step #5 – Water whenever the soil looks or feels dry, probably every other day. 

You will have green onions in a very short time! You can cut the green part of the onion or harvest the whole onion. If you take the whole onion out of the soil don’t forget to save the root to start growing onions all over again!

Some people have successfully planted the onion root directly into soil without growing in water first.

Note – To get the best results re-growing your own vegetables try to use organic vegetables and good, rich soil.

About the Author

Christina Dorudian is a writer, poet, and elementary school teacher living in San Diego, California with her husband and German Shepherd lap dog. She is also the mother of two sons.

Her writing has appeared in both the juvenile and adult markets including Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids, Highlights High-Five, Sparkle Magazine, Writers’ Journal, San Diego Writers, Ink Anthology, and Unincorporated: an Anthology. She has also written articles in newspapers on topics such as Kindergarten Readiness and Dog Park Etiquette.

Check out Christina’s story about friends sharing in, Little Mouse’s Sharing Meal.

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