About Us

a8906de5bfed00b8d58ae41140b12e9bHello and Welcome to Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids!

I’m Sandie lee, the founder and creator of this humble publication. I started out as a non-fiction writer for children working for Flying Frog Publishing and many other online publications.

After searching for a team I could work long-term with, I decided to create my own publication – and Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids was “born.”

Here we strive to delight, educate, and entertain children from every walk-of-life.

Please feel free to read, share, and enjoy all we have to offer.

Jo Carol Hebert – Curriculum Corner & Regular Contributor

Jo Carol Hebert is mother of three children and three grandchildren. She is retired from Joforty years in the early childhood classroom, where she created and implemented original curriculum in all areas of disciplines and genres. She is now enjoying the time to prepare those materials for publication in both “Curriculum Corner’ and non-fiction pieces.
Hebert’s publishing credits include U.S. Kids Publications – Humpty Dumpty Magazine, and Turtle MagazineKeys for KidsFocus on the Family Clubhouse for KidsThe PreSchool Mailbox, and Teachers of Vision.
At the local library, she was a Storyteller and also created and presented a Writers Workshop for Children as a Guest Author.
Hebert’s philosophy is “Everything is more fun with a Child.”

DSC_1846 (2)Marco Martins – Sports Writer

Marco Martins is a writer, teacher and communicator with over ten years of experience, helping hundreds of young people grow into the people they’re dreaming of becoming.

He loves expanding his understanding, laughing, and turning life into an adventure.

To read more of his content, click here.