Baking With Gramma – Recipes for Kids

download (25)It just takes a moment to make a memory, so what could be better than bonding with the grandchildren while baking?

Kids love to cook and bake, but always need an adult to supervise for safety, so get together and “bake” some family traditions – and yummy goodies, too! 

On this page you will find a link to some really quick, simple, economical, super-easy, and kid-friendly recipes to have ready for those memory-making moments (or have a grocery shopping trip for ingredients)!

Smarty Pants recipes are also great for ‘incidental’ reading, math measurement, and instructional skills for kids. Plus, you can just eat them or ‘gift’ them wrapped in treat bags with a ribbon, or in a decorative container. 

Don’t forget to take a picture of your creations and send them to us! We want to feature those “yummy memories” on our “Baking With Gramma” page!

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Gramma’s Thumbprint Cookies 




Gramma’s Snowflake Tortillas




Gramma’s Coconut Cornflake Snowball Kisses




Gramma’s Homemade Play Doh





Gramma’s Jell-o Jigglers