Let’s Get Bugged Anthology of Art

We had such a great response to our “Let’s Get Bugged” contest, we decided to take some of our talented kid’s creations and put them into our very first anthology;

Let's Get Bugged Anthology cover“Let’s Get Bugged Anthology of Art.”

This book features 19 of our kid artists and their imaginative bugs, beetles, insects, and butterflies. Each page shows a different creation, along with the child’s own description of what their bug can do.

The book itself measures 8.5 inches high and 5.5 inches wide – the size of a standard piece of computer paper folded in half. It is staple-bound with semi-gloss pages and professionally printed.


Check out the mock-up pdf of  Let’s Get Bugged Anthology

The Let’s Get Bugged Anthology of Art is the perfect gift for teachers, art students, and kids that just love make-believe, and, of course, BUGS!

Print copies are $15.00 each with FREE shipping (Canada and US only). To reserve your copy, please use the payment tab below.

Let’s Get Bugged together with Smarty Pants Magazine’s very first Anthology of Art!

Let’s Get Bugged Anthology of Art