Our Past Contest Winners

Fashion a Flag Flash Art Contest – Alyssa K & Brycelyn B.

Big Birthday Book Bash Giveaway – Tiffany L.

Best Birthday Cake – Alyssa K.

Dynamic Dino Week Book Draw – Anitha K.

Fab Fiction Five Book Draw – Natalya

Fabulous Non-Fiction Five Book Draw – Hima G.

Make us a Monster Contest – Harshini K. – Age 10.


What I Wish I Did On My Summer Vacation Winner – Irene J. – Age 5 Mermaid Birthday Party Surprise

Honorable Mentions;

Esandi K. – Age 4 – National Zoological Gardens

Suhaansie W. – Age 7 – A Trip to Pluto


Andy’s Dandy Day Book Giveaway – Natayla

Dragon and Captain Book Giveaway – Natayla

Grandpa for Sale Book Giveaway – Natayla


Design Your Own Dino;

-1st place winner: Trisha J. for the Alienosaur

-2nd place winner: Jill W. for the Picassosaurus

-3rd place winner: Jolene W. for the DinoBerry

Honorable Mentions;

Trainosaur by Achal R.

– Lankasaurus by Esandi R.

Playgroundosaurus by Areeba H.


The Missing Donut Book Giveaway – Shannon M.

Arlos Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo Book Giveaway – Jade H.

WOW US Contest Emma A. – Facts on the Sunfish