Letter Stories From A-Z

The Letter Stories From A-Z Workbook is for Pre-Readers and is designed to ‘Read-a-loud’, for Recognizing Letters in Context, Drawing, and Art. 

This method will also would work for Readers, who can read the stories for Language/Literacy, Story-Telling, as well as Art.

For Educators:

Run copies for each child. Use Pre-Readers as a ‘Read-Aloud’. Readers are independent. Children follow words or read.


  1. “Put a line under each Letter”. Use a red crayon.
  2. Color the black and white picture.
  3. Draw your own original of the black and white picture on the space provided or the back of the sheet.
  4. Discuss the Fun Facts.

Older Students: 

‘Tweak’ the worksheets. Instruct them to “Draw a Circle” around each animal word, or every verb, noun, or other grammatical or parts of speech elements.  Discuss the Fun Facts.

Jo Carol Hebert is creator Letter Stories From A-Z and of Curriculum Corner. She is retired from forty years in the early childhood classroom, where she created and implemented original curriculum in all areas of disciplines and genres.

A is for Andrew the Anteater pdf

B is for Bumper the Beaver pdf

C is for The Canary, The Crow, and the Clever Cat pdf

D is for Do You Know the Dodo? pdf

E is for Emma, the Over-Eager Emu pdf

Watch for More Letter Stories Coming Soon!