Submission Guidelines

A Note From the Founder & Creator of Smarty Pants

Hello and thank you for checking out Smarty Pants. I have enjoyed the journey of creating this site but I feel my time has come to an end with this adventure. However, that doesn’t mean Smarty Pants has to end. If you are interested in picking up the baton and taking this unique publication on the next leg of its journey, please, contact me and we can discuss it.

Smarty Pants has well over 700 unique blog posts to-date and our followers are always growing. If you love kids and want to share your love for the fiction and non-fiction genres, then this may be the stay-at-home avenue you have been searching for.

For a small fee, I will turn over the complete WordPress site and send out an email letting the writers with submissions know of the changeover. I also have one regular contributor that is responsible for Curriculum Corner, many of the fictional stories and poems, as well as everyday blog posts. She is invaluable to this magazine and I hope she would continue to be so.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, please use the “Feedback” button on the left of this page.

Thank you 🙂


Closed to Submissions

Note: We are an online publication only.

What We Want

Stories should be kid-friendly, free of violence, and “questionable” content. Fun, humorous, and clever work is always appreciated.

Note if your piece is seasonal, please submit at least 3 months prior to the occasion and put (NAME SEASON) SUBMISSION in the subject line. Most of our nonfiction is done in-house but we do occasionally take exceptional pieces.

Submissions may be submitted as word doc or in the body of the email.

Please, only one submission per email.

We pay 15.00 for short stories through PayPal only (payment upon publication).

You will also get a byline, two linkbacks, bio, and promoted on our social media feeds.


We ask for first serial rights on any story we publish. This means that the story should not have appeared anywhere else, either in print or online. When we publish a story, we ask for a brief period of exclusivity (one-year with us). Copyright always remains with the author.

We also reserve the right to edit pieces for clarity and optimal readability. You will be acknowledged as the author of the story and are free to promote the work on social media sites, websites, and blogs. If we narrate your story we are happy to provide you with a mp3 file of the story for your use. 

Please send your submissions to;

We accept full manuscripts. Please note due to the volume of submissions response time can take up to eight weeks.

Smarty Pants Pet Star Submissions

Do you have a picture or a video of your pet doing something cute, funny, or totally outrageous? Send it to us at the above email and your pet might just become a Smarty Pants Pet Star!

Don’t forget to tell us your pet’s name, and to include some information like why your pet does this cute antic, when he/she started doing it, or if this was a one-time action!

Note: There is NO PAYMENT for Pet Star submissions.

Smarty Pants Audio

We also do audio stories! Please click here for more details!