Where in the World is Reese?

Reese is on the move again. Where in the world is our wonder boy visiting today?

Here’s a hint;

This natural structure got its name from a mythical legend!

Did you guess the Giant Causeway? You’re right!

Even though you can’t tell from Reese’s selfie, the Giant Causeway (in Northern Ireland) has about 40,000 interlocking columns. They are made from basalt. The columns have a unique hexagonal shape. Some are as high as 39 feet into the air!

Let’s explore Reese’s location further.

Did you know?

  • Legend has it that a giant named Fin McCool created this structure to reach a rival animated-giant-image-0005giant in Scotland.
  • The Giant Causeway was voted the 4th greatest natural wonder in the UK.
  • The number of columns on each rock varies. Some have four sides while others have eight.
  • The Giant Causeway formed over 50 million years ago. An active volcano erupted, and as the lava quickly cooled, it broke into these shapes.
  • Many shipwrecks have happened in this area due to the rocky coastline.
  • Seabirds love to hang out here.

Thank you, Reese, for showing us The Giant Causeway.

Where in the world is he off to now? Be sure to join us next week when Reese will explore another fun, fact-filled location.

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