Dynamic Dino – The Kosmoceratops

Kosmoceratops lived about 75 to 65 million years ago. Its name means “ornate horned face.” This is due to the odd horns and frills found on and surrounding its huge head!

What else is “dynamic” about this dino?

Check it out!

Did You Know?

  • Kosmoceratops once roamed a large island in western North America, called Laramidia.
  • Kosmoceratops was only about 15 feet (4.6m) long, which is quite small for a dinosaur! It weighed from one to two tons.
  • This dino is closely related to the Triceratops.
  • Fossils have been discovered in Utah.
  • This dino only ate plants.

kosmoceratopsUU-58b5a0d15f9b5860468b970aKosmoceratops had an elephant-sized head. It was decorated with 15 horns and horn-like structures of various sizes. It even had a large pair of horns above its eyes (something like a bull).

Kosmoceratops also had a downward-curving, weirdly segmented frill, which was twice as wide as it was long.

What do you think of this fancy-frilled dino? Tell us in the comments section!

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