Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – A Pig in a Wig Poem

A Pig in a Wig

by Tyler

There once was a pig, who wore a pink wig.

Don’t you think, a pink wig on a pig would stink?

Pigs should dig, not wear wigs!

Fun Facts About Pigs

Did you know?

  • Pigs are quite fast. They can run up to 11 miles-per-hour.
  • The old saying, “I’m sweating like a pig” is wrong. Pigs have hardly any sweat glands. To cool down, they wallow in mud.
  • Pigs squeal at 115 decibels. That’s 3 decibels higher than the sound of a supersonic airliner.
  • Pigs are extremely intelligent. They can even learn how to walk on a leash, do tricks, and use a litter box!
  • Pigs have 15,000 taste buds. We only have about 9,000. Maybe that’s why they also like to eat slowly and savor their food.


Do you know something about these barnyard animals? Share it with us in the comments section. We love to “pig out” on new facts!

Do you have a poem, short story or drawing you want to share with the world? Send it to us and you could be featured on our “Show Us Your Stuff Saturdays.”

Happy Creating!

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