Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – Make Way for Mars!

By, Connor W. – Age 11 

I woke up in Texas on the white, cold, wintry day of January 13, 2030. I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins. I could feel my heart beating like a drum. animated-health-image-0003

I felt so nervous and excited at the same time. 

Today wasn’t just an ordinary day, today was a day of history in the making. Today I would be taking off to Mars.

I got out of bed to get on my nice suit and tie and walked out the door, but I almost forgot to brush my teeth and do my hair. These days you have to keep your personal hygiene up. You don’t want to be the kid with yellow teeth and a full set of braces. I am ten years old and I do not want my teeth to become messed up any time soon because I still have a long life ahead full of press and media. 

animated-planet-image-0031Then I remembered what today was. I was going to be the first person ever to step foot on the red planet. 

I finished brushing my teeth and stylin’ my newly cut hair and I walked out of my room. 

“Mom, what’s for breakfast today?” I yelled, as I slowly walked down the stairs.

Man my legs really felt like Jello. 

“I’m making you pancakes your favorite! You have to have a full stomach for a day like this. By the way, I’m super proud of you for winning that contest to go to Mars. To be honest, I didn’t really expect you to win,” she explained. 

“You don’t think I’m smart enough?”

“Oh no, Honey, I just want you to understand that there were millions of kids entering that contest and you won. I think that you should be very proud of yourself!” she said.

“Oh thank you, Mom. I really appreciate that,” I replied. 

“Any time,” she said. 

It made me happy and even more confident that I knew that she was proud of me. 

animated-car-image-0147 (1)A couple of minutes after the amazing pancake breakfast we were in the car heading to NASA which was conveniently only an hour away from the house.

The car ride was pretty silent. I was going to make history, but I wouldn’t be able to see my mom for about four years and I understood why she was sad because that’s what parents are supposed to be like, but also because she was going to miss a huge part of my life.

Fifty minutes later we were in the VIP parking lot. As I walked through the parking lot I could see the humongous rocket standing 200 feet tall ready to launch. I could see the gray steam coming out from the unbelievably high powered engines. I could see the maintenance crew filling up the tank with hundreds of gallons of fuel. 

My biggest dream was standing in front of me ready to blast off. I had worked so hard for it.

animated-rocket-and-space-shuttle-image-0041As we walked through the doors of NASA the reporters and media were all jumping out yelling questions like crazy people. I answered a few of them, for the news channels I like. I mean who likes CNN?! 

Then I walked into a room full of spacesuits and tons of other really cool pieces of technology. 

The president of NASA and a couple of other people with high ranked jobs said “We’re planning to be counting down at about one o’clock.” I nodded at them. 

I realized that I was breathing heavy. I went into a special room to change into my space suit. 

I was really nervous and I felt a little sad that I had to leave my mom for a while, but after all I was ready to become famous.     

I walked out of the room with a heavy and really, really, bulky space suit on me. After I got it on all of the employees and scientists led me up a humongous set of stairs. I could see the rocket and it felt like it was taller than the Empire State Building. 


Before I climbed into the tiny hatch I said “Mom I’m going to miss you,” and I gave her a imageedit_6_7941592681hug.

“I’m going to miss you too,” she said. 

I climbed into the small hatch and they buckled me in tightly. I heard my mom hit the side of the rocket and she said, “Please bring him home, please.”

“Mom, I love you and I’ll be fine.” 

They shut the hatch. 

“Ready for countdown?” they asked. 

“Yes Sir,” I replied. 

Finally I heard…












Then I woke up in my bed sweating at seven o’clock in the morning in Massachusetts. 

That was one of the best dreams ever!


Thank you, Connor, for this awesome story! Keep up the great work!

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