Sock on the Loose

Where does that missing sock go?

Come join the adventures of Blue Sock as it explores a whole new world outside its comfy drawer, leaving its twin wondering…

“Did it run away with a moose?

Sneak off for some juice?

Whatever happened, it’s a Sock on the Loose!”

Blue Sock wanted to explore life outside stinky toes and high heels, and joins others, like itself, that crave some excitement and high adventure (“surf a big moon wave or explore a watermelon cave”).

Where will Blue Sock’s journey take it?

Find out in Sock on the Loose by Conor McGlauflin.

This marvelous picture book is written in perfect rhyme and will surely give your little reader or listener a thrill. Blue Sock’s travels are both fun and imaginative and will inspire everyone who reads this wonderful tale to explore the depths of their own imagination.

The illustrations are simple, yet engaging, which really adds to the overall joy inspired by Sock on the Loose.

Grab your copy today #MacKids.

In honor of Sock on the Loose, Sockella (a stray pink sock) has taken a journey of her own. Watch her adventure unfold in chilly Northern Canada.

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