Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – A Short Story

I Can’t Take It!

by, Emily Cheng – Age 8

Tik, tok, tik.

I waited patiently.

Tik, tok, tik, tok.

“Emily, Sara, Hussain, Scarlett, Evan, Owen, Tye, Akshara, Luke, Julie, please line up!” Mrs. Groves said.

Waiting for my friend, Scarlett, I hurried to the line.

“Hi Emily! I can’t wait for testing! I hope I get into Honors Math!” Scarlett exclaimed.

I can tell we were not alone because I can nearly sense their heart pounding with excitement! Pushing fear away I try to hide my face. Squealing with excitement, we went to the Ilab(I-lab).

Tests to me was nerve-racking. I swear that I can already sense fear brewing up, like a potion in a cauldron, down in the pit of my stomach! 

After me and Scarlett found a seat, nervous bubbles fluttered loosely around my belly. “Why now?” I moaned quietly so Scarlett couldn’t hear. Just then the vice principal (Mister Obrien) came in.

After we quieted down, he told us all the instructions.

“After you’re done, please read.” He told us in a very hoarse voice. Handing our work sheets out, he told us we had sixty minutes.

“Why is that important?” I murmured.

Gazing down tomy questions, I began to write.

I looked right, and left. Hearing the scratching sounds of pencils scribbling answers on paper was very soothing.

But it was also very, very, very silent. It was like no one moved a muscle!

“I wonder, I wonder…” I whispered to the endless silence. Trying to find the answer to my last question.

I looked at the clock. Then it came to me, I forgot!

Reminding myself we still have 40 minutes, I racked my brain for ideas. 

Something hit me like a curse! Hot, trickling sweat started pouring out like a waterfall down a cliff. My hands started to shake uncontrollably! Sensing the clock, ticking and tocking like a cheetah about to strike! The fear bubbled rapidly up and down.

“Arr! I can’t take it!” I exclaim softly, try not to break the silence. Moaning groaning, I literally pulled my hair! Now frustration started mixing in with the fear bubbles. Fuming but nervous, I racked my brain for an idea, again and again and again. My brain hurt with all the stuff going in and out of my head!

With my last worried glance at the clock, bursting into expiration I closed my eyes hoping for an idea.

Just then, at the last second, an idea popped into my mind, fighting like an unbeatable warrior. I clinged onto it like a drowning man.

Just then a booming voice fill my ears, the vice principal! “Mrs. Groves class, you’re welcome to leave!” The vice principal said.

Well, its been two months, and I finally got my results, and guess what?! I’M IN HONORS MATH!


Thank you, Emily, for this awesome story!

If you have a short story, poem, or artwork you would like to share, click here for details. You might just be our next Show Us Your Stuff star!

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