Show Us Your Stuff Saturday

A Story By Emma

MoviesLast day was a Sunday, I was at home (have no work) so I decided to watch all the superhero movies till night (11 pm).

I saw four movies and then I was so sleepy I went to bed and slept.
And today, now I am writing about superheroes; who I saw last night after I slept.

Last night in my dreams, I spend my time with four superheroes.

Who are they? Any guesses?

Here it is..

Time: 2 am

In a dream I was doing my work and then who was with me the whole day?


He was sitting next to me. He was a none other than a superhero – Superman, who was telling me;

“You’re going to change the world.”

Next to him was Batman, who was telling me;

“I’ll be standing where I belong. Between you and the people of Gotham.”

Next to him was Spiderman. He was telling me;

“You know who I am.

wow-2666501_960_720I got surprised and shocked…
How did they come to my home?
Why for me?
And is it real that the superheroes survive?

They came and spent a day with me. I was seeing them and they were seeing me and we had some conversations.

When morning happened, then I realized it was my dream and perception (after I saw the movie).

It was a wow experience!

To whom you have a crush standing in front of you and asking about you;
It is a dream come true.

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